The History of Raw Milk and Pasteurization

2 thoughts on “The History of Raw Milk and Pasteurization”

  1. I love raw milk and drink it a few times a year — I’d drink it more often if I could: 1) afford to 2) find it in stock every time I wanted it — it’s very frequently sold out! Thanks to government raids conducted with (no kidding) SWAT teams, raw milk is hard to come by as demand is high. So many kids have allergies, asthma, and other ills in today’s polluted world, and raw milk really helps.

    I do buy only raw milk cheeses — since trying it, pasteurised milk cheeses tastes like plastic to me. It’s not about having “striking” flavors; I’m buying good old sharp cheddar. It aids the absorption of calcium and magnesium, and my bone density has gone up since I began eating it! My teeth are no longer slightly loose, either.

    Shouldn’t we be taking the kind of care with our food that makes healthy food choices easier? How much longer can we go on breeding superbugs like MRSA with our factory farms — which is where 80% of all antibiotics are used, mainly to make animals gain weight faster? That’s making our antibiotics useless, and there are really no new ones in the pipeline. They’re just not profitable enough. Soon, minor infections and illnesses will be lethally dangerous again. I don’t think people really understand that it’s actually come to this.

    I subscribe to updates on contaminated food — and almost all of it is the factory-farmed, highly processed stuff. Seldom is it the organic and almost never the raw dairy. I’ve actually never seen a raw dairy alert, and I see around 12 alerts a day.

    Try the raw milk cheeses, at least — you’ll be doing yourself a big favor! I think you’ll find them as delicious as I do. And you’ll be supporting the production of raw milk, which is important, because there are a lot of kids who really do need it. Medication isn’t always an option, and it’s certainly not a desirable one.

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