Factory Farming – A Health Risk?

2 thoughts on “Factory Farming – A Health Risk?”

  1. It’s missing the financial and lifestyle impact on towns and neighboring property, but otherwise all is true.

    I do find myself turned off by sensational and provocative infographics and memes in general – I’m glad you mentioned that.

    I remember in particular one featuring four photos of cow’s udders to demonstrate the horrors of cafo dairies. Anyone who knew a thing about cows saw it for the sensational misinformation it was, but the vegan who posted and his/her followers didn’t want to hear anything about the truth. That’s not helping.

    The longer I am involved with farming, the more I realize it’s just way more nuanced than the books would lead you to believe.

    1. I agree! And also I feel like the more I learn, the more I realize what I don’t know about farming realities today – it’s definitely a humbling experience!

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