Could You Live With $10 Less Grocery Money?

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  1. This is an area where we are distracted by our differences and resentment for other social groups and television (Fox News and its ilk) only serves to throw gasoline on fire. Which only serves to allow the underlying issue to continue operating with little resistance.

    I work in an old-school butcher shop/food market where food stamps are a large part of our business. Yes, there are Porterhouses and processed food being purchased with food stamps. Yes, there are the usual stereotypical misuses of the benefits. Yes, there is a culture of working the system by generations of people who know nothing but the system.

    But at our shop we buy most of our meat from local farmers, who buy their supplies from local feed mills or grow it themselves. And, many families who use the benefits clearly need every dime and do not seem to be misusing the benefits at all. Supporting (real, not corporate) farmers is one of the little discussed benefits and the reason the Food Stamps program was created in the first place.

    Social biases cause resentment for the end users, but it is really the Corporate Lobbying “welfare queen” who is truly milking, expanding and perpetuating the current ill-serving system. Yet that is little discussed. Even bailout receiving Big Banks are in on the handout collecting large profits earned through management of the equipment and funds. And don’t get me started on the Walmart effect – some Walmart stores rely on food stamp recipients for as much as 80% of their grocery business.

    I do think we would benefit tremendously from kitchen education , lots the foodstuffs purchased is expensive per serving and limited in use and/or highly processed. Though these processed traditions are not going to be easy to break – they have become actual family traditions, not just shadow ones. Preaching and hating each other is only serving to divide Americans further and allows the corporate hijacking of our economy and culture to continue with little opposition.

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