What If Food Were A Common Good? – A Thought Experiment

8 thoughts on “What If Food Were A Common Good? – A Thought Experiment”

  1. Mmm. Capitalism and freedom. Capitalism and control. Capitalism doesn’t really go very happily along with anything but itself…

    The scenario you discuss could be very close to state controlled farming and/or to the old feudal systems…neither are/were without benefits, but also neither are/were without drawbacks too.

    Many growers and food producers have worked hard to build up their “businesses” (because that is what most of them are) and they’d be no more likely to welcome state(s) intervention and fiddling with “market forces” than any other manufacturer or business would. (lots of parentheses and “” because I’m very mindful of the interventions that already exist!)

    1. Very good points, Kay! I agree that state-controlled farming has been tried, and failed, in the past. But the way I understand the idea is more a bottom-up-and-top-down collaboration… Maybe a little idealist after all but even some steps into this direction (aka the de-commodification of food and de-concentration in the food sector) would go a long way I think!

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