Recap: Panel Discussion on "Ethics in Food Consumption"

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    Definitely something to think about.
    Marketing will be a big part of the success of our food cooperative, now and once we get the store open so we will need to think about how we can do that.
    I know that vegetarian coops don’t do as well as those that sell meat. I talked to the people at Common Ground and they really began their meteoric climb with the switch from all-vegetarian items to the addition of dairy, eggs and frozen meat. That’s when they outgrew their church basement.
    There are questions that are not asked here because the EU has already dealt GMO’s (genetically modified organisms) a death blow by banning them altogether. But we still need to think about this thorny problem here.
    With so many ethical questions involving so many aspects of our business, I think we will have to take a stand on at least some of them. Likely we won’t have to worry about any animal welfare laws in this country for some years but that doesn’t mean our shareholders want to ignore that aspect of our store’s purveyance. We will certainly need to know what our shareholders think about these issues.
    Is it time for a survey of our shareholders so we and they know what to expect from our store?

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