Sunday Read: Biotech Diplomacy

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  1. The US government has the task of supporting and pursuing the interests of US industry abroad so this is true of every industry. Whenever the President travels there is an industry delegation with him. At the final stage it is the decision of the country in question whether ti chooses to opt to work with a particular technology/company. Commentators need to respect the sovereignty of other countries to take decisions that are in their own best interests. Biotechnology can be part of the solution for hunger and malnutrition with which many countries are faced. Since the scientific verdict on biotech is that it is safe for consumption and that is official US policy, there is really no evil conspiracy here as some would like us to believe!

    1. Thanks for this alternative viewpoint! It’s true that the report – and especially the article I cited – do read like a conspiracy theory in places, which is why I indicated their strong ideological leaning. At the same time, if the spread of biotechnology is only possible through the spread of multinational patents and their stronghold over seeds, it’s a strategy that seems debatable to me.

      1. Agree! I am not comfortable with the idea of biotechnology solely in the hands of big companies, I would much rather the US share research resources with biotech efforts in other countries.

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