Livestock: The Good, the Bad, and the Facts

7 thoughts on “Livestock: The Good, the Bad, and the Facts”

  1. I like what you say here. Like you, I’ve mentioned both these ILRI posts in one blog post of my own. Like you I’ve found it impossible to sum up ILRI’s insights in a soundbite. This information is complex and humbling. You’ve got closer to a soundbite than I did, though!

    You might like to notice that the ILRI post you call ‘first’ was published on 4th April and the one you call ‘second’ was published a day earlier, on 3rd April.

    1. Thanks for that point! I noticed the dates, but felt that it made more sense in terms of sequencing to first refer to the facts and then the recommendations. I’ll make sure to be more precise in the future, though!

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