Labels Unveiled: Grass-Fed and Pasture-Raised

6 thoughts on “Labels Unveiled: Grass-Fed and Pasture-Raised”

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    argylesock says… Here in Britain we see labels about outdoor-reared livestock, too. Some of those mean stuff, notably the RSPCA’s Freedom Food label which is about animal welfare. The Red Tractor and Quality Meat Standard labels mean stuff too, but not necessarily about livestock welfare. And I’ve heard discussion about whether ‘free range’ and ‘outdoor reared’ livestock are, in fact, better off than their indoor equivalents. As for any label including the word ‘happy’ – happy hens, happy pigs, happy cows – I’m not aware of any rules about what that has to mean. You can just label your product ‘Happy’ and hope people buy it.

  2. In NZ I only buy eggs with the SPCA’s freedom tick… lots of other tempting labels for the unwary like barn raised, or free range, without any guarantees. Freedom pork or bacon is also available for those who eat pork products…

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