"The Most Heartless Bill"

Add a new chapter to the US Farm Bill debate – which seems to further complicate the prospect of ever coming to a conclusion. After the huge disagreements between the Republican-dominated House and Democrat-dominated Senate on the nutrition program versus subsidy expenditures and the consequent divorce of the two issues in legislation, the House has … Continue reading "The Most Heartless Bill"

The True Deservers of A Food Prize – Reblog

Remember the controversy surrounding the World Food Prize recipients this year? In his column, Mark Bittman of the New York Times provides a great list of alternative people that would deserve the prize because of their involvement in agroecology and sustainable production methods. Amongst his nominees: Vandana Shiva, Olivier de Schutter¬†and Miguel Altieri – all … Continue reading The True Deservers of A Food Prize – Reblog

Vietnam: Where Land-Grabbing goes Local

Recently, whenever you hear about land grabbing, it’s almost automatically linked to foreign direct investment of either big companies or foreign government ¬†enterprises that want to secure their own food security. Over the condemnation of the “neo-colonial” foreigners, it’s easy to forget that land grabbing can happen just as easily within countries, setting up urban … Continue reading Vietnam: Where Land-Grabbing goes Local