Wait, How Many Chickens?

  For some reason the comparison really made apparent to me the immensity of the broiler industry – helped, undoubtedly, by the fact that chickens have much shorter growing cycles than other animals. Still, as this number will only get bigger if demand for meat increases in transition countries such as India and China, should … Continue reading Wait, How Many Chickens?

Visions for a Healthy Farm

The Union of Concerned Scientists has come out with a helpful infographic¬†to bring the idea of agroecological production methods closer to interested citizens. Through a model farm that you can explore via a mouseclick, you can learn about the benefits of: Cover crops Crop diversity and rotation Landscaping approaches The integration of crops and livestock … Continue reading Visions for a Healthy Farm

A Map of Hunger

Click here to access the interactive map!¬† After looking up some information for yesterday’s post, I realized that the International Food Policy Research Institute has a great visualization tool of their last World Hunger Index report online. Click on the country of your choice to find out where it ranks on the Index and to … Continue reading A Map of Hunger