Labeling Fables

Watch Urvashi Rangan from the Consumer Safety and Sustainability Group for Consumer Reports make a powerful argument for the need for the three Ts in food labeling: Truth, Trust and Transparency. Here are her main points if you don’t have the time to listen to her eloquent presentation: Many labels, such as “natural” or “fresh”, have … Continue reading Labeling Fables

Wasted (II – Farming and Post-Harvest in the Tropics)

New to the mini-series? Check out Wasted (I) on farming and post-harvest waste in the North-American context! Last time, we concluded that in a more industrialized context, food waste is most prevalent at the retail and consumer level. How about in more agrarian, (for lack of a better term) less-developed countries? Here the majority of losses … Continue reading Wasted (II – Farming and Post-Harvest in the Tropics)