Taste The Waste

Yesterday, I went to a talk about food waste by the author of the book “Die Essensvernichter” (the food destroyers) and co-producer of the movie “Taste the Waste” (of which the above excerpt stems from), Stefan Kreutzberger. While he as a journalist, maybe naturally, speaks about the topic in a pretty simplified and black-and-white manner … Continue reading Taste The Waste

The Safe Space for Food and Climate

This is an interesting take on the interplay between food production and climate change. The video defines a ‘safe space’ defined by the boundaries on how much food we need, how much food we can produce at given levels of climate change, and how that increased food production will further affect climate change.

Wasted (II – Farming and Post-Harvest in the Tropics)

New to the mini-series? Check out Wasted (I) on farming and post-harvest waste in the North-American context! Last time, we concluded that in a more industrialized context, food waste is most prevalent at the retail and consumer level. How about in more agrarian, (for lack of a better term) less-developed countries? Here the majority of losses … Continue reading Wasted (II – Farming and Post-Harvest in the Tropics)