Fun Links Friday V!

Yesterday, as I was closing my computer for the end of the workday, I was convinced (CONVINCED) it was already Friday. Maybe it has something to do with the tradition of Thursday night happy hour in Brussels. Or all the pretty lights that guide you into the weekend… Nevertheless, the weekend is around the corner and … Continue reading Fun Links Friday V!

Fun Links Friday II!

Wow, has it only been a bit more than a week since I started work? It feels like I’ve always been roaming the streets of Brussels. Today I even got to sneak a peek into the Council of Ministers, woot! Let’s see what has been interesting otherwise in the last little while: – The WWF … Continue reading Fun Links Friday II!

Of Water and of Meat

Hi y’all, welcome to a new ‘what I’ve been reading!’ So much good information out on the internet these days… First up, National Geographic (my love) has an awesome article on The Evolution of Diet. It talks about scientists trying to analyze what the last hunter-gatherer societies on the planet are eating, in order to … Continue reading Of Water and of Meat

Russia's New Food Diplomacy

I wrote my bachelor’s thesis about Russia’s obsession with attaining food independence; i.e. that Russian demand should be able to be satisfied by Russian food production, and the non-rationality of such a policy goal in a world food market characterized by specialization and globalization. Turns out, Russia has good reason to pursue this goal after … Continue reading Russia's New Food Diplomacy