Who Gets To Decide What Is "Organic"?

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  1. I was shocked when I first started scratching the surface of organic policies; particularly the multitudes of “derogations” that organic farmers can have. With the right connections, the right words and the wrong attitude, organic farmers can basically farm just like “conventional” farmers, yet still sell their products as “organic”.

    When I started asking questions about this, I was assured that an organic farmer who had had a derogation would not then be able to sell their produce as organic. However, every organic farmer I’ve known to use these derogations still does sell their produce as organic.

    Most of the organic farmers I’ve worked with are genuine in their pursuit of better standards of land management and animal welfare and use derogations reluctantly and sparingly, but it is obvious that it is an open door that completely undermines my trust in the label “organic”.

    So, I think everybody needs to be involved in the setting of standards. Consumers need some overarching safeguards to put meaning behind labels if those labels are intended to be more than just a marketing tool.

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