Who Gets The Money? On Helping Africa To Feed Itself – in the US.

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  1. If local knowledge and skills could solve the problems, we would not be discussing this. While these are crucial,why should the benefits of research elsewhere be ignored? I am wary of anyone who would characterize the Green Revolution as controversial. I lived through it, without the transformation it brought to Indian agriculture, famines would have been inevitable. Any development program has its flaws, specially in hindsight, but shutting out advances in agricultural science is not the way to go and their location is not a huge factor. Yes, peasant farmers are not heard at conference forums but that holds for international as well as local conferences and meetings. That is a social and economic issue, unrelated to ag science. That is for Grain, but I want to say I enjoyed your take, specially the bit about the sponsors 🙂

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    “This brings up again the whole food sovereignty debate and the question whether smallholder farmers’ knowledge and traditional methods are the future of society or a bucolic and sentimental dream of idealists. I think the answer lies somewhere in between; but if the odds are always stacked in one particular way, it’s hard to give both a chance.” – Food(Policy) for thought.

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