Climate-Smart Agriculture – The New Paradigm for Sustainability?

2 thoughts on “Climate-Smart Agriculture – The New Paradigm for Sustainability?”

  1. I hadn’t heard of it before and I actually thought the message would come up with “GMO seeds!”. These projects sound pretty amazing, I hope they all get implemented soon. It just feels frustrating that with so many alternative and sustainable methods, there’s a risk of them not being put into place, for money reasons for example.

    1. Very true! The other challenge is that, by definition, most of them are very small-scale, so spreading them seems to necessitate a huge amount of education basically in every little small community. Here, I think, the farmer-to-farmer knowledge spreading approach of Via Campesina could be replicated for a more efficient outreach. I’d love to do a more in-depth post soon about this problem, actually.

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