Agroecology: The Alternative of the Future?

10 thoughts on “Agroecology: The Alternative of the Future?”

    1. That is a great, great post and discussion to read, thanks so much for the link! I will make sure to check out the articles referred to as well; I think the topic is fascinating and is particularly relevant when thinking about the question what kinds of agricultural systems NGOs and institutions should really support.

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  2. Hi Janina.

    Great post, I just discovered this blog through twitter today. Indeed you have a very neat and insightful blog. I am yet to make the move to blogging during my PhD, it is indeed a very good exercise!

    your thoughts on agroecology resonate with me. I’ve studied it quite a bit in undergraduate and then through spending time with smallholders in South Korea, Venezuela and Philippines. I’ve seen many positive stories, but many more challenges for scaling up and uptake. Access to knowledge and political barriers seem to be large players in preventing agroecological development.

    I write this from the Philippines where I am conducting my PhD work on the pressures of development place on smallholder farmers, and the implications of these pressures for food sovereignty and food security.

    I am based at the Australian National University – indeed not many people there doing food sovereignty work, so great to meet you in the WebSphere!

    I have followed you on twitter :). Thanks again for the great post.

    1. Hi Federico, so nice to meet you too! Your PhD work sounds fascinating – do share insights and results in the future, I would love to learn more about the whole smallholder-development nexus. It’s also great that you are conducting field work – I find that a lot of times these kinds of discussions are held at a very theoretical or general level and practical insights are direly needed. Good luck with you PhD, and I hope you continue commenting in the future!

  3. Great work and good luck in getting the word out further. I am not sure if the term ‘Agro-ecology’ is broadly used, I know these concepts largely under the names of “Holistic Ag” or “Regenerative / Restoration Ag”. I have been interested in this for a long time and starting to work on starting a small venture based on the concept.

    I am collection all my resources here: and would be grateful for others to join the conversation. I will add a link to this blog.

    G’day, Leo

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