Did Your Child Like This Weekend's Turkey?

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  1. Hey Janina!
    I like Peta and receive their newsletters and follow them, but I think these ads aren’t as effective as they could be and may be relying on the shock effect too much – ending up being banned isn’t exactly getting through to the audience :
    I chose to try being vegan and now I’ve been eating vegan food for a few months now but because I CHOSE to, I WANTED to….in my opinion, or what would work for me, would be an ad made of simple but reliable facts, I think many people who hear “turkey’s head are trod on” may think “How is that possible?!” because it’s so shocking that it’s almost unbelievable….
    I guess I agree with you, people should make up their own mind, but I definitely think it should be made clearer that animals suffer and are kept in terrible, awful conditions…just not in such a shocking way perhaps!

  2. I think PETA’s campaign is both ineffective and unethical. It isn’t fair to force one’s opinions on the impressionable minds of young children who cannot comprehend such ethical issues on their own. Just because they believe in being vegan doesn’t mean they should force young children to do the same thing. Whether or not a young child will grow up to become vegan or vegetarian should not be decided by anyone except that child when they are old enough to understand what it means and why its ethical values are important. Not only is PETA scarring and frightening young children that don’t know any better, but it’s also putting parents in a corner where they are forced to explain such advertisements to their children instead of taking the time to explain the issue to their children in their own way.

  3. I suspect PETA’s primary objective was self-promotion and by deliberately being controversial (which often is their tack) they’ve achieved that. But this kind of campaign probably generates more antipathy than support so, if animal welfare is genuinely their primary objective, it’s a bit of an own goal.

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