When Genetic Engineering Marries Organic Farming…

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  1. I’m all for GMO’s, but such a tremendeous power needs to be regulated. The roundup practices of monsanto are profitable and could well beat other production, GMO or not. It’s also hard for consumers to know the difference between good and bad GMOs so hoping for the morality in people is dangerous here.

    Therefore, an intrenational cooperation in the UN or the like must precede any legalization of GMO’s.

    1. You’re right that we can’t let the pendulum swing too far the other way and excuse current GMO practices because ‘it could be beneficial’. I wonder what the free trade agreement between the EU and USA will bring; if they decide that the EU can’t keep refusing food with GMO ingredients (as also being argued about hormone-treated beef) it will be even more important to a) label GMO ingredients (not currently required in the States) and b) provide better information systems to consumers on what that actually means.

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