New Fish and Meat Guides Help to Choose Responsibly

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    1. I didn’t look through all the references, but in general I think there are huge differences in aquaculture practices. I would assume that some farmed species require more fish-based feed than others (which would again affect the wild fish population since that is where most feed comes from), some might be raised in areas that are ecologically sensitive and should not be overpopulated with a single species, some might be more prone to diseases when kept in close quarters which then might be transmitted into the wild… These are just guesses, but I don’t think that farmed fish always = farmed fish.

  1. Thank you for posting these links!
    I often look out for updated guides for sustainable fish for my boyfriend!
    I used to only eat fish that was abundant and sustainably caught, before going practically vegan to be more sustainable. 🙂

  2. Regarding the antibiotics in animal production, it is important to differentiate between routine, prophylactic use and use for treatment of actual illnesses in livestock: and the Fix Food site does do that. Also consumers in the UK are often surprised to hear that “organic” livestock can be treated with antibiotics, just like “conventional” livestock, it’s just the preventative and routine use that is different.

    Thanks for highlighting these issues: your writing is great and you always find interesting topics.:)

  3. Antibiotic use in animals has been an issue I’ve been attempting to be more aware of! The mention of it here has made me want to look into it even further in Australia. I wish there was a Real Time Farms here though, it would make life a lot easier!

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