What Is "Natural"?

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    argylesock says… Here are interesting words about the way foods are sold as ‘natural’. Mostly Janina talks about US groceries but she also links to the European laws about nutrition claims on food http://ec.europa.eu/food/food/labellingnutrition/claims/community_register/nutrition_claims_en.htm#25 including the word ‘natural’. You might also choose to look at some words of mine. I concluded that the word ‘natural’ is often irrelevant these days. ‘It’s not natural! Intensive farming, synthetic food and synthetic genes’ http://argylesock.wordpress.com/2013/06/20/its-not-natural-synthetic-genes-intensive-farming-and-synthetic-food/

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    This is worth understanding. I don’t buy pretty much anything in boxes or cans anymore so I don’t think about this stuff much for myself. It’s well-worth understanding that most processed foods (anything in a can or box really) can be problematic. And that actually includes organic foods too. While those labeled “natural” are likely to be have even more issues as this article indicates. I’ve pretty much eliminated these issues by sticking to real whole foods. All “processing” happens in my kitchen as I prepare foods to eat. There are a few exceptions to that and in those instances I very carefully choose my food by studying labels. In general the fewer ingredients the better. And really, recognizing all ingredients as actual foods is pretty important too. I think that it’s fair to say that of the items I still get in a can or box, they pretty much all have ONE ingredient. So, yeah, the most processed food I now buy is raw sprouted almond butter. The only ingredient being ALMONDS.

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