Taste The Waste

2 thoughts on “Taste The Waste”

  1. Outstanding story, Janina. Congrats on looking at this issue. Local solutions to channel food close to expiration to food banks and other charities is one way many communities are looking to reduce supermarket waste. But there is still the problem of the perception of abundance that grocery stores feel the need to create, which naturally leads to more waste.

    1. I totally agree, and it is funny how we are just so used to the abundance – I catch myself from time to time as well lamenting the lack of a certain vegetable or that my favorite salad just sold out, before reminding myself of the tens of options I have left. I was also impressed by the people in the movie describing how just 50 years ago, there was much less variety, but people still seemed fine with it. As a twenty-something, excess is something our generation has grown up with – but maybe it should be our generation that ends it as well?

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