Rethinking Urbanization

Whenever I used to hear about ‘urban farming’, I was a little skeptical, and didn’t know whether to place it in the camp of ‘awesome ideas of tomorrow’ or ‘trend fad of today that won’t last through the next summer’.  Why not, I thought, concentrate on fixing the big issues (such as land degradation or … Continue reading Rethinking Urbanization

The Tart Cherry Revival – Or a Case for Biodiversity

Tart cherries – or, as we say in Germany, Sauerkirschen – have been a steadfast presence during my childhood, featured in cakes, desserts and on my grandparents’ trees. In Canada, Sauerkirschen preserves were one of the things my family would splurge on in La Vieille Europe, the Old Continent specialty store that also imported delicacies … Continue reading The Tart Cherry Revival – Or a Case for Biodiversity

Sunday Read: Biotech Diplomacy

This Sunday, if you have an hour, I have a thoroughly interesting report for you to read. The NGO Food and Water Watch just published a document called “Biotech Ambassadors“, in which they analysed the 250,000 U.S. State Department cables that were publicized through Wikileaks (which represented around one tenth of all State Department cables … Continue reading Sunday Read: Biotech Diplomacy

A Vegetarian's Nightmare

I found this video and poem via Ali Ansary’s blog and just couldn’t resist to share it… Anybody thinking about becoming fruitarians?

Soil Is Not Dirt!

Listen to Fred Kirschenmann explain how soil is actually a community of life that is vital for all our food. As he quotes Wes Jackson, since we are so dependent on soil for our life and eventually return to soil, we are simply stop-overs between soil and soil.  I can only recommend this really fascinating … Continue reading Soil Is Not Dirt!