Chocolate: the German Gold Standard

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  1. Having lived in Germany for a few months every year since I was a child and went through this D-Mark to Euro change myself, I never realized that chocolate didn’t get more expensive! Interesting (and dangerous… I might now have the tendency to buy more than I need)

  2. I think this is such an interesting issue! It’s fascinating how the consumers complain about raising food prices, and that food is so expensive, when the food prices haven’t changed at all over the last decades.
    The price of porkchops in Sweden is, as an example, the same now as in the 1970’s. And the consumer behavior has changed too. 30-40 years ago porkchops was still considered as a bit exclusive, and today it is every-days food…
    Instead the producers have to work so much harder to get profit into their production – and most of the cases it is the animals and the environment that pay the difference between the price that the production should cost and that the price that the consumer pays.

    Haven’t listened to the Planet Money episode yet – maybe a plan for the week-end – as a reward after (hopefully) completing production econ assignment – thanks to you 🙂

    1. So true. I feel we don’t appreciate how cheap and accessible food is right now (let’s say, in the Northern hemisphere) at all – maybe that is also why we waste so much of it?

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