MORE Facts About Livestock – Let the Debate Begin!

5 thoughts on “MORE Facts About Livestock – Let the Debate Begin!”

  1. i am coming rather late to the debate but as the author of a report cited am happy to clarify; the ILRI report states 24 billion production animals in the world of which 17 billion are in developing countries. This is similar enough to the 27 billion terrestrial farm animals also based on FAOstats. The difference may come from using different years or because some animals (e.g. horses, donkeys) may be considered farm animals but not production animals (as not used for meat or milk). Other animals like dogs could be considered work animals but not livestock.

    The 69 billion are poultry for an entire year; while the 24 billion are at any given point of time. Groilers can be produced in 42 days or 9 cycles a year. So if at a given point of time the world has 5 billion broiler poultry, this would be the equivalent of 45 billion in a year. The same issue occurs with measuring pig populations

    It is complicated, and the data is poor and different studies disagree.

    1. Thanks so much for the clarification! It is definitely complicated, and I hope there will be more data available in the future to enable a balanced debate based on values everybody can agree on 🙂

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