The Legality of Kinder Surprise Eggs…

3 thoughts on “The Legality of Kinder Surprise Eggs…”

  1. It really is the weirdest thing ever as they are available in just about every other country in the world leading, as you said, to American children being labeled ‘less smart’ than other children. “) They’re actually a huge deal in Europe, where millions of adults collect the toys inside them as well as kids. I own thousands of Kinder Surprise toys that I’ve bought over the years. In fact, there’d be an uproar in the EU if any government suddenly tried to ban them 🙂

    And yes, children can (and do) choke on anything with small parts. That’s why, as a parent, you shouldn’t give your child anything to play with that he could conceivably swallow, not unless you are monitoring him at all times. Unfortunately, some parents prefer to blame someone else for their lack of responsibility.

    Nice website, btw!

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