Vietnam: Where Land-Grabbing goes Local

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  1. Wow – your depth is pretty amazing. I can barely post about cookies and baby cow pictures four times a month, lol.

    Sadly, this sort of land grabbing is all going on all over – even right here in the US; substitute gas companies and fracking vs family farms.

    Some farmers voluntarily sold rights to the oil & gas for large windfalls, but many others are hostage to clauses in old leases signed for surface wells long ago when fracking was unheard of. The actual land owner’s use is junior to that of the drilling companies and their health, water supplies, livestock, property, businesses and property values are at risk daily.

    All with no compensation or right to say no.

    We really are resistant to learn from history; the more things change, the more they seem to stay the same.

    1. Great issue to bring up, especially since it touches on farmers’ land rights and environmental costs in the same time. And their interaction – as you mentioned, with water supplies, pollution, property values etc. 🙁 Personally I feel fracking is the US version of the European strive for biofuels (though the US has its share of that as well) – a short-sighted initiative that completely ignores the middle- and long-term costs in exchange for a short-term upholding of the same living standards without sustainable adaption. Just for the next 4-year period or however long an electoral term is in the respective country… 🙁

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