Labels Unveiled: Fairtrade

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  1. I buy fair trade – and most often for chocolate and wine…
    I’ve heard of the criticism 😛 but, i think that fair trade is a good step on the way “to a better world” or a world that is more sustainable. Like even if fair trade might not be the ultimate labeling, or there are things that could be improved, i think that a fair trade labeled product is better compared to a non labeled product.

    But then, as in the case for wine, i don’t know if i should by a fair trade wine from say south africa, or if it’s better that i choose a wine produced in europe or america, where fair prices and working standards are better so there is no need for fair trade labeling..

  2. I think it’s a start. People are too eager to grab onto labels and other designations that relieve them of responsibility for learning about issues on their own. These issues are never black & white or simple…

    Great post, your blog is really enjoyable & educational 🙂

  3. Insidious marketing is endemic. Given the choice of something labeled ‘Fair Trade’ and a brand name, I’m a sucker for the ‘happy’ label every time, and can only hope that the regulators (where these even exist) are doing what they can to try to ensure that it does what it says on the tin. The alternative is constant despair at the state of our poor beleaguered planet.

  4. Great post Janina. I always buy ‘Fairtrade’ wherever possible. I realise it’s not a perfect system but it seems it’s one of the best we have. I think it’s important because it is flying the flag and raising awareness of the shafting that many producers in the developing world get from us ‘rich folk’ in the developed world. So hats off to them for that!

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