Meatless Monday – A Success Story?

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  1. Nice post 🙂
    In Sweden it is a well-known issue as well – Köttfri måndag 🙂
    I don’t think that it will transfer the meat consumption to another day, like, there is a limit in how much meat you can eat in one meal. But further more important, I think that persons that engage themselves in Meatless Monday will discover vegetarian food and how good and nice it can taste. They will discover the non-meat side of food and maybe start to think out side the “a meal is potatoes, sauce, and meat”-box 🙂

  2. In Singapore the campaign is “Veggie Thursdays” – no idea why they have chosen Thursday as the campaign did start well after the US adopted meatless Mondays (which has a much nicer alliteration) . It is not a well known campaign either way. The only people I know who talk about it are already vegetarians!

    Singapore has two large groups that are vegetarians: Some Buddhist Chinese and Southern Indians. Both these groups make up a fair number of the population so it is very easy to find vegetarian food wherever you go. But this stuff is not necessarily healthy… it can involve a lot of fried carbs. The vegetarians from Southern India have very high rates of cardiovascular disease showing that a vegetarian diet is by no means a passport to health.

    1. That is so interesting! And is definitely another example of the fact that, in terms of improving your health, what you DO eat is just as important as what you don’t… Which I guess a lot of studies also point to that show that many vegetarians generally have a more healthful mindset and more knowledge of nutrition which leads them to make healthier decisions besides the fact that they don’t eat meat.

  3. Much.of rural NY is devoted to dairy, well watered grasslands close to NYC. Looks like you.want us gone. As the farms fall in my area, they are replaced by subdivisions

    1. I don’t think that calling for a slight reduction in the amount of meat consumed is equivalent to wanting all dairy farms gone. First, I don’t think that the Meatless Monday campaign would ever embrace a ‘Vegan Monday’ message, so people would likely still consume dairy products even if they eat less meat. And second, if people limit their consumption a bit, they may decide to make higher-quality choices those times that they do eat meat and thus support smaller local farms that otherwise have to compete with the huge feedlots and get driven out of the market. What do you think?

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