Holiday Break!

I just finished my exams on Thursday and am going to be travelling to the airport this morning to explore Bulgaria and Romania with my friend! The prospect makes me feel like this approximately: I have prepared a couple of posts that will go up while I am gone, though it won’t be as often as … Continue reading Holiday Break!

Cuba At The Crossroads

Cuba is such a funny case: according to this article, agroecological farming principles are the norm, more than half of its farms use organic production methods, and it is a leader in urban agriculture – but yet, most of these developments are less the result of a coordinated policy shift than a survival mechanism that … Continue reading Cuba At The Crossroads

What Is The "Monsanto Rider"?

The challenge with large governments (such as the USA’s) is that they produce huge packages of legislature that only few individuals can understand in its entirety. Thus, everybody focuses on what they are interested or specialized in, and there is the potential to slip things in that legislators aren’t aware of or don’t understand the … Continue reading What Is The "Monsanto Rider"?

Sourdough mapping

Recently, I discovered (via my friend Tereza’s blogpost) an awesome Czech invention that supports self-sufficiency, community and bread-baking in the form of a sourdough map! In order to make sourdough bread, you need to make a pre-ferment (also called starter or lévain), basically a mix of flour and water, which you then expose to the air … Continue reading Sourdough mapping