"Are vegetarian diets Earth-friendly?" – About Research in the Media

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      1. Greencode Info appears to be the source for http://www.tf1conso.fr/tag-conso-responsable/produits-bio/, which claims: « la production de viande représente 9% des émissions mondiales de CO2 et 18% des gaz à effet de serre mesurés en équivalents CO2 … C’est plus que le secteur des transports.” In English, that means they claim that the livestock sector is responsible for 9 – 18% of anthropogenic GHGs, more than the transport sector.

        But as you can read at http://caspersfarm.wordpress.com/2012/12/30/diet-for-a-new-america/, the comparison of livestock and transport GHGs “has been retracted by its authors. Their analysis prescribes more industrialized livestock production… Yet those authors are livestock specialists, not environmental specialists, and their employer – the FAO – is just one of 19 UN specialized agencies. Conversely, environmental specialists employed by two other UN specialized agencies – the World Bank and IFC … have estimated that at least half of all human-caused greenhouse gas is attributable to livestock.”

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