What The Consumer Wants

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  1. Have you seen the film Our Daily Bread? The responses to this article reminded me of the responses to that film; people were appalled and deeply uncomfortable although it was just showing the food system that we’ve created. It could almost be interpreted as a celebration of efficiency (or, in the case of this article, the scientific advancement) of the food system- and yet the people who read/watch them tend to be upset by them. I feel like that says a lot about industrial food- if you’re not upset then you’re not paying attention.

    I love your blog, by the way! It’s good to see someone else out there writing about food policy.

    1. Yes, I remember watching Our Daily Bread as a Poli Sci undergrad before I decided to focus on food policy, and it was really eye-opening (in making that vague notion that all agriculture doesn’t look like the happy-farmer advertisement concrete). I agree with your comment that “if you’re not upset then you’re not paying attention”, and the horsemeat scandal here in Europe (and subsequent public outcry) is yet another example of how the reality of our industrialized and interwoven food system is only slowly being picked up on and understood by the general public – though I also have to remind myself that while my and my fellow students have chosen this study focus, we cannot expect that everybody has this kind of background and deep interest in the matter… All the more reason to engage in awareness-raising and information-disseminating activities!
      I find your blog really thought-provoking as well, I’ll have to go back through your archives! Good luck finishing up your thesis! What’s it about in particular?

  2. Reading some of your older posts! Great to see you have issues surrounding the obesity crisis as part of your blog. This has been super interesting to read. I’m majoring in Exercise and Sport Science at the moment, which deals heavily with nutrition and lifestyle choices of the individual (what we eat, how much [or little] we exercise, etc.), as well as attempting to change the outlook of those regarding these matters. Keep this up!

    1. Thank you for your comments, Nina! I’d love to hear more from your viewpoint – I haven’t studied a lot of psychology and individual life style choices, but I think it’s fascinating – especially when the issue of individual freedom vs. health care costs/improvement of life quality comes up. You might like the issue on the soda ban as well =)

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    This reblog touches on the notion of junk-food companies manipulating doses of sugar, fat and salt in order to make us keep wanting and eating. There is also a link to ‘The Extraordinary Science of Junk Food’ which provides an in-depth look into how the ‘perfect’ junk-food is manufactured.

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