Wasted (I – Farming and Post-Harvest)

9 thoughts on “Wasted (I – Farming and Post-Harvest)”

  1. Interesting issue, but it is so different from our situation. For example, in Uzbekistan, (still I am not very sure about it…), the harvested vegetables and fruits are not that scrutinized, as in EU (what is the size of this carrot – 10 or 11 cm?). On the bazaar you can find any shape of cucumber, carrot, radish, potato and so on. For me it is even fun to buy “not normal” shaped vegetables and fruits (oooh what a great artist nature is, as gave a birth to such cute cucumber!). Still, I am sure, that they are using some pesticides to get rid of infections and bla-bla-bla. From the other side, you can find truly natural apple (when you eat it you just realize that a worm is looking at you with the question: Who da hell are you and what are you doing in MY apple?) In winter and spring there are apples, imported from Iran, they are big, red and very juicy. But, first of all, they are 3 times more expensive, than the locals; second – they are not local, and you will not find worm in it; and third – they are extremely “perfect” in the mater of size, shape and color. So, viva local apples, potato, tomato, cucumber, peach, grapes, carrot etc!

    1. True, Zarrina – the two systems are so radically different! It is funny that in Western Europe you will only find “special” fruits and vegetables if you actually go on a farmers’ market and actively look out for them – in the supermarket, everything is uniform. However, maybe Uzbekistan has similar problems as the countries in part II where food is still being lost between farm and field because of inadequate harvest or storage? And viva local foods! We should go check out farmers’ markets in Bonn more =)

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