Labeling Fables

Watch Urvashi Rangan from the Consumer Safety and Sustainability Group for Consumer Reports make a powerful argument for the need for the three Ts in food labeling: Truth, Trust and Transparency. Here are her main points if you don’t have the time to listen to her eloquent presentation: Many labels, such as “natural” or “fresh”, have … Continue reading Labeling Fables

"Are vegetarian diets Earth-friendly?" – About Research in the Media

Flashy headlines are generally needed to grab our attention. The average reader wants information, quickly, and presented in digestible bites, preferably without too much cautioning. However, many times, and especially in this subject, such blanket statements end up being misleading, confusing, or even plainly wrong. I read an article the other day with the headline … Continue reading "Are vegetarian diets Earth-friendly?" – About Research in the Media

Bhutan – 100% Organic!?

Bhutan just doesn’t stop being inspirational. After championing a Gross National Happiness Index instead of measuring development in Gross Domestic Product, they have now announced that they will be the first country on its way to be exclusively organic. According to Pema Gyamtsho, Bhutan’s minister of agriculture and forests, the kingdom adopted its National Organic Policy out … Continue reading Bhutan – 100% Organic!?

What The Consumer Wants

“People could point to these things and say, ‘They’ve got too much sugar, they’ve got too much salt,’ ” Bible said. “Well, that’s what the consumer wants, and we’re not putting a gun to their head to eat it. That’s what they want. If we give them less, they’ll buy less, and the competitor will … Continue reading What The Consumer Wants